Everyone loves a picnic on a warm, summer day! But who loves to prepare all the fixings, wrap up all the goodies and lug those around until you get to your spot?! There’s a new way to do this, a way that is travel-friendly and without all the prep hassle! With access to meal delivery services with the download of an app and the press of some buttons, picnicking is has been revolutionized in my world and has now become more convenient than ever! I’m excited to share this idea with you; All of us can benefit from spending some time relaxing outdoors with some yummy food and a book! I also recommend bringing a picnic blanket to sit on in the grass. If you’re picnicking solo I recommend a good audiobook and Bluetooth wireless earbuds.


UberEats is the most popular food delivery service, offering the greatest variety of delicious eats.  It should just be known that UberEats charges restaurants 30% of their listed prices for the privilege of delivering their food. While I love the service, with my restaurant owner friends in mind, I usually check other services before ordering through UberEats.

If you’ve never tried it before, receive $5 off your first order with this code: http://ubr.to/EatsGiveGet.


DoorDash is a great service! Restaurants who partner with DoorDash are charged 15-20%. Many of the restaurants offer free delivery with a purchase minimum so it is worth browsing through.

If you use this link to sign up you’ll receive $20 in DoorDash credit: https://drd.sh/axYDAq/


There isn’t always the widest variety of restaurants available in my area but it’s worth checking out regardless! Restaurants are charged  15-20% in fees to PostMates.

Sign up with this link and receive $25 in Postmates credit: https://postmat.es/Ti7Uh0ll0X

It’s really an incredible feeling to summon delicious food with your phone. The car pulls in, slowing down just enough to hand you your food through the window before cruising away. Sharing that meal with friends or family in a beautiful park among ducks, birds, and nature is just priceless! I’ll just offer up one tip! Don’t forget to request plasticware and napkins in the order notes, since they don’t always include them in the bag. Then there is nothing else left to do except to enjoy some tasty eats at your favorite picnic spot!