For the last 7 years, we have made it our mission to provide a comfortable home away from home to our fellow crew members. We’ve had the opportunity to serve more than 1000 clients! We’ve managed properties to serve the airline community and managed both female, male, co-ed crashpads, as well as crew houses– always adjusting to meet the changing demand, and to best serve our crew, whatever that means.

We now serve our mission in a couple of new ways. We now serve as a crashpad match and verification service, where airline crew can apply, become verified and then be matched with one of our affiliate partner properties. We hope that our network will benefit the airline community in a unique way and will provide many more airline crew with a comfortable place to stay in DFW. We will also work to promote a standard for clear expectations and what we believe are the best practices within the airline crashpad and crewhouse industry. We encourage our affiliate properties to maintain a 24 Hour Happiness Guarantee. Our website blog at continues to serve as a resource to airline crew managers and commuting crew.

If you manage an airline property and would like to be listed on our Affiliates page, please submit your information at To email your photos, send those to [email protected] with your info in the subject line.