JotForm is a wonderful tool and an excellent resource for all crashpad managers, whether you’re just setting up your crashpad or you have multiple airline crew properties and are seeking out a way to streamline and improve the entire process. JotForms covers it all and gets you the information you need when you need it. I have detailed below many reasons and ways that you can use JotForm. As I’ve written in other articles, I believe that crashpad managers can help each other and together can create a standard expectation for crashpads. I wrote this post to explain how we can use JotForm to help to better manage a professional crashpad.

You can’t beat FREE!

JotForms works on a Freemium model, which means that they give you a full-featured program for free, but limit the number of views and submissions that it gets. Jotform Free allows for 100 submissions per month, and 1000 views of the form per month. As a crashpad manager, you will probably not need 100 submissions every month. If you are using it for your applications and your agreements, it should be easy to keep it under 100 submissions for a very long time. However, if you do decide to upgrade, you can easily do so through their app, get as many submissions as you need.

Create your first form in seconds

Adding questions is easy

An Online Crashpad Application.

JotForms enables you to create and manage an online application that not only looks great on computer and mobile but also accepts secure images, all in one place! We have used this feature for crew verification and vehicle photos, some application requirements that we adhere to and recommend as well.

With the image upload function within Jotform, our crashers can securely submit their ID’s directly through the form which we have embedded on the website. In addition to the Crew ID, we are also able to get a lot more information, including their start date, and much more. Our recommendation to you is to create your form on Jotform, then add a link to it on your website. This makes connecting your website to Jotform a piece of cake.

Crashpad Client Agreement.

Signature capture image

JotForms upgrades your contracts so that they are online, secure and easy for your clients to use. Our agreements are set up so that all terms are stated, expectations are clear and policies are laid out. The best part of using JotForm for your crashpad agreement form is the ability to obtain a digital signature from every client.

This signature is saved in a PDF file so if you ever need to provide it in court, it has their actual digital signature embedded within it.

Conditional Formatting

One of the cool things you can do with Jotform is creating conditions that change the form when a client interacts with it. For example, in our agreement, if they do not have a car, then it does not ask them any further questions. If they do have a car, it not only asks them for the pertinent information but it also asks them to upload a photo for us to view in case we are unsure if a car belongs to the client or not.

Client Forms for a Better Experience.

JotForm also empowers us to create forms that are maintained and that report the exact information that we need when we need it. It helps to maintain clear communication, leaves the responsibility in the hands of the client, and it also cuts out additional, unnecessary work for you. We use JotForm for our Bed Request Form, as an easy way to keep a record of clients seeking the next available bottom bunk or a different room. We also have a convenient Referral Form for clients referring friends or coworkers to us, as well as a Notice to Vacate form.
Our notice form is used by every client, and the form not only tracks vacating clients, dates and experience feedback, but this is also our opportunity to communicate and reiterate our deposit policy and expectations when checking out. Perhaps there is a form that you would like to create that would improve either your crashpad management or your client’s experience. You can most likely use JotForm to do it!

Integrates with Trello, Our Process Management System.

Trello Logo

The best part of JotForms is that they integrate with Trello, our process management system. When a form is submitted, an update is sent to our Trello board with all of the necessary information attached to a client card. From there, we can make sure that it’s taken care of, moving the card along from application all the way to that Vacated column. Investing in the time and effort to set up our business on Trello has revolutionized the entire process, saved us time, headaches, and it has saved clients from otherwise slipping through the cracks. This Trello and JotForms integration within my crashpad business has truly has changed my life. If you would like to set one up for your crashpad, contact AZ Technology for more help on that! Trello is free, but AZ Technology Solutions can help you set up all the really cooler features and automation.

Thousands of Prebuilt Templates.

There are thousands of JotForm prebuilt templates! From invitations, invoicing and verification letters to satisfaction surveys, and many more. You will see that you have access to not only a very powerful tool but one that can help you in a number of ways. You will continuously discover new ways that JotForm can serve you.

One-Click Import of Google Form and Other Links.

One click import of jotform gif

Moving over to Jotform is simple, especially if you are already using Google forms or any other form system. Jotform can import your existing Google form simply by pasting the link to the old form during the import process. We have had a lot of success importing google forms, although other form systems can be hit or miss.

Importing other Jotforms is a snap, however! Simply copy the link, and paste it in when prompted during the import process.

You can even purchase and import from our library of prebuilt crashpad forms!

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Improving The Experience and Process.

As I have explained throughout this article, JotForm is a great way to collect and maintain information for crashpad managers! It is a very powerful tool that can serve us and our clients to improve customer experiences. Are you ready to create your first JotForm? You can get started with some help from AZ Technology Solutions or you may start creating your forms solo here.

Also, if you haven’t read How To Start and Manage an Airline Crashpad yet, make sure to check it out for more resources and tools on how to start and manage professional crashpads!

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