Our mission is to help Flight Crew find a place to rest without breaking the bank!

I’ve heard far too many crash pad horror stories that resulted in taking advantage of my fellow flight attendants, so I decided to start my own! While many unprofessional crash pads exist out of apartments and hotels in DFW, our crash pads are simply homes away from home! A retired flight attendant, I understand your lifestyle and manage both crash pads with this in mind! I am always available to crashers and enjoy improving the crash pad often. I hope that with my business experience and knowledge, I will create a network of professional crash pads that will improve the entire experience of our commuting crew.

We spent over a year managing our first crash pad, before expanding to meet the demand of male crew. We work hard to go above and beyond to make sure that our crew is comfortable. We look forward to serving you!

Please note, addresses are not exact for the crashers’ protection.