How Our Crashpad Pricing Works

Just like the airline, we operate on a seniority basis when it comes to our rates. Because demand rises and falls in the Crashpad industry, we make sure to adjust our rates accordingly which allows us to offer discounted rates when we are not at capacity. In addition, your rate will always be grandfathered in. That means if you start with us at a lower rate, and we raise our rates later, you don’t have to worry because your rate is guaranteed and locked in for the length of your stay. That means the sooner you start with us, the more likely it is that you will have the best rates available. Our current pricing will be listed below, and we pride ourselves in our transparency. If you have any questions about our currents or available openings, please feel free to contact us.

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Crashpad Refundable Deposits & Fees

Just like an apartment, we take a deposit from each of our crashers. We refund you the deposit if you give us 30 days notice before you leave. The rates are listed below:

Crashpad Monthy Rent

Are you Male or Female?

We currently offer two different crashpads, one all male and the other is all female. Please click on the button below to view pricing and pictures of the bunk beds.