Serving Our Fellow Flight Crew Members

Whether you are starting a crashpad or a rental property, or you already have one and are looking to improve, I promise that the next 10 items will enhance and improve your business, as well as your process. As a crashpad property manager who has tried many different things since our start back in 2012, I implement and use every one of these. I also happen to have an amazing team of inventors, creators, techies, and people who are constantly looking for ways to make things more convenient for everyone, and your most valuable investment first and foremost will be the team you put together. This includes dependable cleaning professionals and lawn care as well, which this article will not dive into. I share the following valuable resources with you because I know that together we can set and maintain a standard that serves others, particularly in the case of the crashpad world, serving my fellow flight crew members.

1. August Lock

August Lock

The August lock is essential when it comes to security, tracking your client traffic, granting access for specific dates and ensuring a positive experience! The lock is easy to install, the look is clean and modern, and the system even alerts you when the batteries are getting low! It keeps the bad guys out, alerts you when the door is completely closed and allows you to easily grant and take away access. The app provides a 24/7 feed so you can track who is coming and going, from anywhere in the world. Your clients will be impressed with the latest technology and you’ll never have to copy a key or program a code ever again.

2. Wyze Security Cameras

Wyze Cams

It’s important to have eyes on the entryways and high traffic areas.
The cost of the Wyze security camera simply cannot be beaten! I have used them for a while and can attest that the images are clear and the alerts feature work well for our needs. I love knowing when a package has been delivered or to see when a new client has arrived, but more than anything else the peace of mind that I have, knowing that I can really SEE what is going on at any time, is more than worth it. Don’t forget that you’ll also need an SD card for each camera! I mounted the cameras using the wall mount brackets found here.

3. Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat

I love the Nest thermostat! My properties have been equipped with them for at least the past 5 years. My favorite feature is the control settings that are on my phone, as well as the ability to set a temperature lock just in case someone starts acting crazy!

4. Tub Shroom

The Tub Shroom is a small, genius invention that I believe has protected our pipes and kept plumbing issues away, despite all the hair that has been washed in the crashpad bathtub! This simple device will collect hair and protect the pipes from clogging. I have and use a Tub Shroom in my personal shower myself! It’s great! Just remind your clients to clear it and throw hair away in the trash after each time they shower.

5. Laminator

Signs are necessary. They remind clients not to eat and drink on the couch, they state quiet hours and make it understood that by placing food in the fridge that they are agreeing to our terms. There is a sign for security by the front door with photos of our team. The travel shop door features a laminated shop sign. Even the dryer has a laminated sign attached, stating laundry expectations. Recently I created a sign for the kitchen, to communicate a new rule about washing dishes. I also have a large laminated sign on the medical cabinet that I created, in an effort to help ease the pain when one of my clients gets sick. It’s great to have the necessary tools to cover your bases and clearly communicate expectations to your clients. Amazon came out with a terrific laminator that I purchased a few years and still use today.

6. Label Maker

Label Maker

This little label maker has been with us since the beginning! We labeled all of the kitchen drawers and cabinets, as well as designated assigned pantry spaces for each client, corresponding to their bed assignment. This label maker can also ensure that everyone understands what each TV remote is for, and many other things. The possibilities are endless!

7. ZipSnip Cutting Tool

For Amazon orders and other subscriptions of supplies for your crashpad or airline crew house property, the ZipSnip Cutting Tool will save you a lot of time and will also make breaking down boxes much easier (may I even dare say, kin of fun and oddly satisfying?)! The cutting tool comes with a rechargeable battery so there is nothing more than the one-time purchase investment.

8. Pantry bins

Organization is key, especially when you’re managing multiple clients who share the same space! Our kitchen is labeled where there are community cooking tools and utensils, and there is also a designated shelf assigned to each client, corresponding with their bed assignment. I provide them each with a bin to store their pantry items in (those are also labeled), so there is absolute clarity when it comes to whose space is what. This also means that you know exactly what to check and clear out, if necessary, whenever someone has vacated the house.

9. Bedding

If you decide to offer bedding at your rental property, I recommend Zen Bamboo sheets, which are what I personally use on my bed! These sheets feel amazingly soft, they become softer with every wash, and they also happen to be eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. I learned that hotels use white sheets so they can be bleached and stains removed, but I find that dark color sheets work just as well too in maintaining it’s color. You can either offer these as part of your package or rent out affordable bundles to renters so they don’t have to go out and hunt down their own. These bamboo sheets really will transform your bed into a cloud!

10. A sustainable process.


Alright, so this isn’t an Amazon investment. However, this might be the best investment you can make!

Every business needs a sustainable process, a way of doing things that promotes growth and allows for the business to thrive in the best way possible. It doesn’t even cost you anything but time and the drive to automate your work as much as possible so that you can spend more time doing whatever you want!

Now that I have an adorable son who needs me, it’s even more important that my time be spent wisely. I recommend mapping out every step of what needs to happen before an applicant becomes your client and then set up your process so that nothing falls through the cracks. For us, Trello has become an integral tool that maintains that process and is used as a dashboard, where the entire process can be viewed at a glance. There’s a really great article about Trello here!


I am also a big believer in JotForm, a wonderful online forms program for real estate managers (and anyone else), which plugs into Trello boards, to work for you! I wrote an article about JotForm here!

Let’s Host Others in a Comfortable Space!

I hope that you learned something from this post, and at the very least you’re that much more motivated to get out there and tackle whatever the next step is for you to advance your business forward. You have all the tools necessary, and if you’re super new to starting a crashpad or rental property, check out my Beginner’s Guide! Let’s serve others with a comfortable space, in a way that is convenient for all of us!

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