Four years ago I began my life as a new hire flight attendant, and shortly thereafter I started a chain of airline crashpads which has brought me into touch with commuter airline crew from all over the world. Based on suggestions and advice I’ve received over the last several years, I’ve composed a list of recommendations for my fellow airline crew- and essential to every commuter!

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1. Travel Backpack

Make sure to have this lightweight travel backpack in your roller-board, not just for traveling and hikes, but to fill with groceries to take back with you to the crashpad or to explore the area without burdening yourself with too much to carry! This awesome fold-able backpack is water resistant and comes in eight color options.

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2. Medical/First Aid Kit

We have First Aid Kits on the planes, but what happens if you get hurt on the ground? Be prepared for whatever could happen and throw a kit into your luggage before you’re sorry you hadn’t. Take care of yourself, and don’t forget to add the essentials such as Emergen-C, Immodium and Benadryl!

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3. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Newhire flight attendant life can be stressful, whether you’re working, commuting to your crashpad or traveling for fun. Sometimes the best memories are made in the layover hotel room with your friends! If you add your favorite tunes to the mix, you have a recipe for success. Bring your favorite jams with you wherever you go with this Travel Bluetooth speaker, otherwise known as a party! This speaker is also waterproof!

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4. Diva Cup

Menstrual cups have existed since the 1930’s , yet its breakthrough into the feminine hygiene industry is much more recent. The Diva Cup is perfect to throw into your hygiene bag and forget it’s there until you need it! It’s easy care and use make for a better period experience. You will never need to buy tampons again, saving you more than $300 per year and eliminating tons of waste-and creating more space in your luggage for souvenirs! This rubber device is efficient, comfortable and reusable. This is my favorite on-the-go item because of the way that it has improved the entire traveling female experience!

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5. Hot Water Bottle

Whether you’re on a jump seat or you’re in your hotel room, nothing beats having a hot water bottle warm you right up! I have flown with many flight attendants who swear by them. For those long, cold commutes, you can simply slide the hot water bottles behind your lower back to keep it nice and warm and loosen up those tight muscles. Simply fill it up using hot galley water. The knit covering keeps the temperature more manageable. When you make it to your hotel room, simply brew a pot of hot water using the coffee maker, and put it under the covers with you to have a warm toasty bed to sleep in! 

Crashpad Necessities for Commuters

Here are the bare necessities before you start commuting to and from your crashpad. 

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6. Crew Lunch Tote

Ebags Crew Cooler Lunch Tote has all the compartments and pockets you need to take your favorite meals with you. Fill the pockets with dry goods like oatmeal and cereal and it’s always a great idea to store some plastic-ware in one of the compartments, just in case!

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7. Crashpad Bedding

Before you arrive to your crashpad, you’ll need twin sheets for your private bed! These sheets by AmazonBasics are 100% Polyester Microfiber and this set brings with it a fitted sheet, a loose sheet and a pillow case! Various colors are available. The other item your crashpad won’t equip you with is a towel– don’t forget the bare necessities!

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8. Fridge Safe Locker Box

Secure your personal food items in a container perfectly sized for groceries. This fridge safe locker box is perfect to use at your commuter crashpad! This fridge locker features a combination lock, and while contained the box is open to maintain fresh produce and other refrigerated food items.

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9. Flip Flops/Slippers

For lounging around the crashpad or layover hotel, keep some flip flops or slippers in one of your roller board zipper compartments. You’ll be a lot more comfortable, and you’ll always have an emergency pair of shoes if you need them too!

Commuter Apps and Electronics

Here you will find a collection of the most up-to-date travel apps and electronics that you’ll want to make sure you pack into your roller-board!

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10. Backup Battery

Having a backup portable battery handy will keep you connected and charged, no matter where you are. This is a no go item for every commuter! You can’t run home to plug in when you’re a commuter, but you can be prepared anytime! I keep one in my purse and use it when my phone or other electronics need more power, be it in the skies or on the ground. Never worry about having enough juice again!

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11. Maps.Me

There’s a full article at found here which explains the process. Basically, allows you to view your location on the map without having a cellular data connection. With this app, download the maps ahead of time and use your GPS to triangulate your position. With this app, you never have to worry about getting lost! Always know where you are and where you’re going- even offline! When it comes to travel hacks, having the right apps in your pocket can make your life so much easier!

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12. Travel Extension Cord

For those long delays in airports with few outlets and the non-working hotel outlets, every traveler should have their own 6 foot long extension cord, but every commuter needs one! A flight attendant hack, this is a sturdy and compact extension cord that can handle up to three power chords, and it rolls up nicely without getting tangled up with other belongings. Many of my flight attendant friends don’t leave home without one of these.

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13. Flight Tracker

Flight Tracker sends alerts and notifications when gate changes or delays occur, and you can see when a plane has taken off and landed. It has saved me from walking to a gate in a different terminal, and in some cases has alerted me to a delay before my airline did. I also use this app to assist passengers who request information about their flights.

I hope that you found this packing list useful in your new life as a commuter! If you’re just starting your new life in the skies,  and have no idea where to start, please check out my earlier post, 10 Things To Remember When Looking for a Crashpad; Don’t be fooled into a signing a year lease, and knowing what a hot bed is could change your life! It’s a great transition into the commuter airline world, but you’ll be happy you did when you begin collecting memories and experiences from all over the globe. I will leave you with a wonderful travel music video that Angel recently created of our adventures! I hope that this inspires you to take on your new life in the skies and shows you the possibilities of what’s out there waiting for you! Just don’t forget to check the above packing list first!