I’ve managed crash pads for four years, and I realized there was a need for this post when I was asked what a hot bed was 3 times within one day by prospective renters. If you’re a new hire airline crew commuter, or you will be soon, here’s what you need to know.

Hot Bed

Hot Beds are shared by multiple people within a crash pad. It’s referred to as “hot” because someone else sleeps there. So many other people rent out the same bed that it’s basically hot all the time. Think of the game Hot Potato. You’re all good, fine and dandy, passing the hot potato along, until SPLAT! The potato drops, just like your spot in a Hot Bed when someone else in your Hot Bed ends up there first. If you sign up for a hot bed, if someone else beats you to the bed, you’re on a couch or floor for the night. And the reality of it is that you’re probably going to be exhausted, and at the end of a very long 3-day trip. This translates to sharing your bed with multiple other crashers, sharing your space with even more people (and that’s A LOT of people to deal with in one space!), and the additional headache of putting on and removing your bedding for each stay.

In short, a Hot Bed:

  • Is shared by multiple people.
  • Does not guarantee you a bed.
  • Means less privacy (more crashers per hot bed crash pad).
  • Requires that you put on/remove your bedding for each stay.
  • Never allows you to leave items.

Cold Bed

A cold bed entitles you to a private bed, usually with only your linens on it, reserved for you and no one else. It is your space, for you and only you, and for whatever you decide to put on it. Simple math will tell you that one bed per person within one crash pad residence means that you will also avoid dealing with who knows how many people. Another obvious benefit is that you can leave your bedding and some other things at your cold bed crash pad. There are usually shared closet spaces to leave a few uniform pieces, under-bed space for a roller-board, and some bathroom space or a basket where you can store some hygiene products.

In short, a Cold Bed:

  • Is for one person only.
  • Guarantees you a bed.
  • Means more privacy (fewer crashers per Cold Bed crash pad).
  • Allows you to leave your bedding on your bed.
  • Usually allows you to leave items.

Know What to Ask!

Now you’re equipped with the most important terminology you need to know about the crash pad world. My strong recommendation is to ask the right questions before you sign up with a crash pad, the rest which I’ve outlined and listed for you in another blog, 10 Things to Remember When Looking for a Crashpad. It’s hard enough to be an airline crew commuter; Don’t make it harder on yourself by falling into a trap of miseducation and the property owners looking to take advantage of it.

If you are looking for a crash pad in the Dallas area, feel free to take a moment and check out our Female Crash Pad here and our Male/Co-ed Crashpad here. If you would like to apply today, click here!

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