Leaving on a jet plane all the time isn’t easy, so we’re hoping to help! We’ve composed a list of our favorite smartphone apps that we think every commuting flight attendant should have! We hope they make your life a little easier!

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1. Transportation: Lyft and Uber!

As a commuter, being prepared and independent is necessary. Make sure to download Lyft and Uber to your travel folder. They are both rideshare services that offer better pricing than taxis and allows drivers to use their personal vehicles to drive passengers to where they need to go.. Claim your first free ride with Lyft using the discount code TARA660. Receive $5 off your first 2 rides with Uber here.

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2. Time Keeper: Flight Tracker. (iOS Only)

Don’t run to your gate only to learn that your gate has changed! This app is one of the few apps I would ever recommend you pay for, but when making it home is priceless, it will be the best $5 you’ve ever spent. The app will allow you to search and track flights, delays, and other flight info.

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3. Shopping: InstaCart.

For those times when you need groceries at your crashpad, or at home, but can barely move. You’re just so exhausted from your 3-day work trip that all you have the energy for is picking up your phone and selecting your grocery items. Someone else will go shopping for you and then physically bring them to you! If you are new to Instacart, receive $10 off when you use this code!

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4. Entertainment: Casts

Because entertainment and learning are important! If you want to dive into more podcasts but are intimidated by the challenges of obtaining them, consider this app. The download costs $4.99, however, I think you will soon realize that it’s really more of an investment in yourself. You will easily peruse and download any podcast you could ever want.

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5. Payment: Venmo

Remember that one awkward time you shared a Lyft with a fellow commuter but realized you didn’t have any cash? This will never happen again if you both use Venmo! Venmo was created by the same guys as PayPal, so it’s completely secure. While both of these apps are trusted, reliable and instant when it comes to mobile payment, Venmo never runs the risk of additional fees. On the flip side, you must connect it to your bank account first!

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6. Preserving Memories: Google Photos

No matter where you are, it’s so easy. With a few buttons, I am able to backup my photos anytime I have Wifi. There are some really amazing features to share photos too- another way to connect to the one you miss the most! I love Google Photos so much, I’m going to strongly encourage you to read and follow the steps outlined in the following blog: How to Back Up Your Photos using Google Photos.

7. Communications: T-Mobile

The hardest part of traveling is not being able to communicate with all of your loved ones. Well, T-mobile has us covered. With their standard plans, you automatically get 1 free hour of gogo internet. With their T-mobile plus program, you get unlimited internet for the duration of the flight. And if you love to travel as much as we do, you also get free international data and texting included. Click on the banner for more info!

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8. Sending your love: Postagram

Known as the postcard of the future, Postagram allows me to stay better connected with my grandma from wherever my adventure leads me. The app itself is free, but there is a small charge for each postcard. You type up the text, insert a photo, make sure the address is loaded in your address book and you’re all set! No need to find a mailbox or a stamp! They print it, send it off and even send you updates on the card’s arrival. I consider this app a travel hack myself and I admit I buy these in packs.

Power at Your Fingertips

I hope that you found my advice useful! A happy traveler is a prepared traveler, and you have so much power at your fingertips already! I encourage you to take advantage of the tools that exist out there for us! These apps will enhance your travel experience. 

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Apply online and use the coupon code in your application! We will contact you within 48 hours!

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