For most travelers, organization and preparation will improve their experience. However, for flight crew traveling is more than just an experience. It is a lifestyle, a way of life, and for many of us, our livelihood. When we get organized, our entire life becomes easier as our stress and panic melt away. I put together a few tips below to help you better adapt to airline life while maintaining your sanity!


Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are the first item on my list because they eliminate so much stress during the packing process! They encourage organization so that you can find those clean underwear after that 16-hour flight to Japan! I purchased these cubes last year and they have simplified my packing process. I just lay out the cubes and make sure they are filled up with the designated clothing items. Then I toss them into my rollerboard or hiking backpack! These travel cubes have improved my travel experience all around!

Leak-proof Travel Bottles

Don’t forget to pack your favorite shampoo and conditioner in leak-proof travel bottles! The first time you encounter a spill all over everything in your luggage, you will never travel without them again!

Travel Backpack

We know that you already have a rollerboard, but what about those outings and excursions on your layovers? I love this backpack because it can be compressed into your suitcase without taking up hardly any space! When you’re ready to go hiking or just walk around the city, take out the bag and put what you need inside! A water bottle, snacks and all the essentials you need for the day can easily fit in this backpack!

Document organizer

Unlike most tourists who use their passport once or twice a year, flight attendants need their passports on-hand for whenever they are called out on international work trips! Don’t risk misplacing your passport and always put it in the same spot! I recently purchased an organizer that I can wear underneath (or over) clothes and have found it to be very useful. Last week we backpacked around Costa Rica and this little device gave me an additional pair of hands while keeping my passport and money readily accessible. As an added bonus, I enjoy wearing this travel pack when I walk my dogs at home, as it frees up my pockets and allows me to have everything I need hands-free!

Organizing Your Health!

Pill Holder

Don’t leave your health behind the next time you leave home! An affordable pill holder will allow you to take those daily vitamins (and medications) on the go!


One of the tricks to not getting sick is to listen to your body, and to fight getting sick at the first inkling! Vitamin C will knock out most sicknesses or will shorten the life of whatever’s got your feeling icky, but you need to have it ready to go as soon as you start to feel it! Make this a personal no-go item, and you will see that future fellow crew and friends will thank you for it when they need it too! Our suitcase and backpack always contain Emergen-C immune booster!

First Aid Kit

If you haven’t already put one together, a first aid kit can be found here! I will tell you that it’s possible to save a little money by taking the list and creating your own!


Many crew members are adding the LifeStraw to their first aid/emergency kits as well- definitely something to consider!

Water Bottle

Water is life! My Nalgene water bottle has made my life a lot simpler. I used the same pink bottle during my two years in Africa with the Peace Corps and loved it! I’ve heard that running over these bottles with a car will not destroy them either- and I believe it! This is a top brand. I prefer this style because the screw top makes it just a little easier to clean than the spout bottles.

Diva Cup

Lastly, ladies! If you haven’t tried it yet, please give the Diva cup a try! This little gem will save you tons of money and many trees! It will save you lots of space in your luggage, and for many females, it is much more comfortable! Never waste your money on cotton wads again!

Stay Organized: Create a checklist and check it twice!

In addition to obtaining these items, I will leave you with one last tip that’s completely free! Before I leave home for a trip, be it work or fun, I check my list to ensure that I have everything I need! This process will save you from stressing and will provide you with a clear sense of what you need to do next, especially during those early sign-ins! I posted a list by the door that details the things I need before leaving the house: My Crew ID, my passport, and my phone! Let’s be real– without those, we’re toast! I’ve mentioned some really great apps for commuters here, but I also recommend Crew Travelers’ Backpack of Apps to anyone seeking out the best travel apps out there! I highly encourage that you consider the rest of these items as tools to maintain organization and alas, your sanity!