We are now accepting a limited amount of commuting airline crew!

Seasoned Commuting Crew, We Heard You! 

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting a limited amount of commuting airline crew! After 5 years in the crashpad business, we understand the needs and requests of you seasoned commuting crewmembers, and we want to offer you a consistent arrangement that doesn’t break the bank, nor require that you compromise your safety or privacy!

Sturdy wood bunk bed with shelf and outlet. We guarantee that there will never be more than 3 other female commuters in the room at any given time.

Our nightly guests will undergo the application process, reference checks and crew verification required as usual, but are welcome to use the crashpad on a night-to-night basis, first come first serve! You can easily book at the low rate of just $25 total per night for the month of May! We’ve recognized the need for an alternative to expensive hotels, hotbeds (which means at our crashpad, you’ll NEVER, EVER sleep on a couch or floor) and month-to-month cold bed crashpads. We wanted to provide a rate to the seasoned commuting crew that would beat the hotel prices nearby, while still offering the perks and accommodations of home. Our Lux rooms feature sturdy wood bunk beds, equipped with power outlets, shelving, personal lights and a shared closet. Each guest will be provided clean bedding and a fresh towel during each stay, and will have access to all the features of the crashpad, including an equipped kitchen, W/D room, a computer station, Wifi, Cable, and Netflix! Located 5 minutes and just 2 turns away from the airport, there is also a walking trail that leads to a lovely park just behind the house. 

…So How Does It Work?

Nightly guests must be seasoned commuters and must apply via our online application form to be considered. Pending reference checks, they can reserve their Nightly Guest status with a $25 one time application/processing fee and no deposit! Our process guarantees for only one seasoned commuter per bed, avoiding the nightmare that are hotbeds as well as expensive hotels. Payments can easily be made via PayPal, Venmo or Credit Card whenever our guests reserve their nights within the month.

If the following applies to you, you could apply to become a nightly guest! :

  • You are seasoned airline crew who has been commuting for 2+ years.
  • You don’t need a bed throughout every month, just nightly/24 hours sporadically.
  • You need lodging accommodations to be within 5 minutes of DFW Airport (we are 2 turns away, with no need to even get onto the highway… A Lyft/Uber ride is about $5-$7USD per trip).
  • You prefer more privacy (only one person per bed, personal shelf & outlet) than what hotbed crashpads can offer.
  • You refuse to pay ridiculously expensive hotel rates, taxes, and fees.
  • You need the flexibility of checking availability and booking with your phone, sometimes knowing what days you will need for the month and other times needing accommodation at a few hours’ notice.
  • You prefer amenities of a comfortable home away from home (kitchen, W/D, wifi, Netflix, a computer station, Image room, backyard, walking trail leading to a park behind the house).
  • You would rather have the comfort of staying at a house, as opposed to different hotel rooms.
  • You would like the convenience of clean bedding & towel upon arrival for each stay, freeing up your luggage space.
  • You would prefer a more consistent community of airline flight crew.
  • You prefer to support a small local business, a team of fellow airline crew and crashpad management professionals with 5 years in the industry, as opposed to impersonal chain hotels and cramped crashpad hotels/apartments.

May Special: $25 per night and 50% Off Application Fee! 

Our mission is to provide you with the most comfortable home away from home! Mention this blog in your application or by phone when you speak with Tara, and pay only 50% of the one-time application fee and $25 per night for the month of May 2018! 

If you are looking for a crash pad in the Dallas area, feel free to take a moment and check out our Female Crash Pad here and our Male/Co-ed Crashpad here. If you would like to apply today, click here!

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