A new crash pad network has launched, and it’s FREE! Founded by tech-savvy airline crew, CrashPad Corner was created to address the need for a network of crashpads and flight crew. Unlike CrashPad411.com who served this need for years but who just recently began charging fees to use their site, Crashpad Corner promises that their services will always be free!

A Useful Tool for CrashPad Owners.

While CrashPad411 will allow any crashpad to create a listing along with whichever photos they like, they will, unfortunately, be unable to carry out the very intended purpose of the site -send or receive messages, to connect with commuters- unless they pay a fee annually. With 6 years in the industry, I have learned that the majority of crashpad owners do not run their crashpads as a business, but rather as a source of supplemental income. This new rate is simply not ideal for most crashpads, and in turn, limits access to crashpads for airline base commuters. CrashPad Corner allows crashpad managers and property owners to post listings and receive, and send messages with the inquiring flight crew.

Free for Airline Commuters Seeking CrashPads.

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What pleases me most about this online network is how much this will assist new hires in finding crash pads, amidst learning this crazy airline world. From my personal experience as a full-time crash pad property manager, I have been a witness to the rising demand for a tool like this one to empower new hire crew to find the crashpad that best suits them. With a career that requires uprooting the entire definition of home in pursuit of the life they dream of, these flight attendants and pilots are then hit with the stark reality of commuter life and little pay. These commuters need reliable resources, not an additional $10 fee. I have recently noticed an influx of homeowners looking to rent a room out to a crew member, and crewmember who need a private room.

Doing It Better and Always Free.

If you peruse the About Us page, you will notice the following statement by CrashPad Corner founders: “We saw that there was an incredible need for a database for airline crew that would always be free, and we thought we could do it even better.” From where I stand, by providing this service and meeting this need, CrashPad Corner is already doing it better! Thank you for providing this invaluable service!

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