31 07, 2017

Hot Bed vs. Cold Bed: What Newhires Need To Know

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I’ve managed crash pads for four years, and I realized there was a need for this post when I was asked what a hot bed was 3 times within one day by prospective renters. If you’re a new hire airline crew commuter, or you will be soon, here’s what you need to know. […]

8 07, 2017

Commuter Airline Crew Packing List

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Four years ago I began my life as a new hire flight attendant, and shortly thereafter I started a chain of airline crashpads which has brought me into touch with commuter airline crew from all over the world. Based on suggestions and advice I’ve received over the last several years, I’ve composed a list of recommendations for my fellow airline crew- and essential to every commuter! […]

10 02, 2017

What You Need To Know About Crash Pads

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10 Things to Remember When Looking for a Crash Pad There are so many details to consider when looking for a crash pad! After more than 4 years in the crash pad business and working as a flight attendant, I decided to create a list of considerations to help commuters who are looking for a decent place to rest their head between work flights, home and those lovely reserve days. My hope is that this list will serve as a starting point for those of you who don’t know where to start at all. […]


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