We are so glad you asked! We want to educate, enable and empower you to make the best decision for you! For this reason, we make a great effort to provide transparency, communication and an easy process that best serves our fellow crew. Please check out what previous clients say about us at the link below!

A Commuter is defined as Flight Crew that have a permanent residence other than the crash pad and will stay at the crashpad for no more than 15 days per month. An example commuter would be a flight attendant based in Dallas (but living elsewhere) looking to spend their reserve days or nights before and after their trips at the crash pad.

A Full Timer is defined as anyone working in the airline industry that needs full-time access to the home for no more than 3 months max. An example would be a new-hire flight attendant or a new-hire pilot looking to find an apartment in Dallas and needing a place to stay in the meantime.

More info on this, as well as associated pricing, can be found at the following link! https://dallascrashpad.com/pricing/

We require a one-time $25 application fee and a deposit to reserve your spot. The deposit is held and returned to you when you vacate the crashpad, and have provided 30 days notice via our online notification form.

The deposit amount depends on what kind of stay you need! All of that pricing is broken down at our pricing pages:

Cloud #39 Female Only Crashpad:

Cloud #17 Male Only Crashpad House:

See how our application process works!

We accept several payment methods! Our free option is Venmo and cash or check by direct deposit! However, we also accept credit card and payments via Roof, our professional property management system!

We manage a female-only crashpad and a male-only crashpad. Approximate crashpad property locations can be viewed on the GoogleMap at the About Us page! Find that page at the following link: https://dallascrashpad.com/about-us/

Yes! We wrote a DFW Transportation Guide, including hacks to save money as well as pins for employee parking lots that even GoogleMaps do not have. Find that guide here: https://dallascrashpad.com/2019/05/24/commuters-guide-to-dfw/

Yes! The driveway accommodates 3 cars and there is also street parking available. Before your arrival at the pad, we will provide you with a parking map so you can know the best locations to park.

Check out our Guide to DFW for best routes and to learn some hacks to save money! Every bit helps!


Yes, absolutely.

If you start as a temp full-timer but then realize you no longer need to use the crashpad for more than 15 days each month, just communicate that to us! We are happy to adjust your status to reflect what you need, and because full-time stays are limited to 3 months max, we actually prefer that you switch to Commuter so we can keep you indefinitely!

Security and safety at our properties are of utmost importance to us! Here are the following things we do to keep our clients safe!

  • We do not provide the address to unverified applicants, and we require crew identification and references for every applicant.
  • We have installed and set up a professional security surveillance system throughout the property.
  • Our August Smart Door Lock allows us to instantly and remotely add and remove approved guests, and which auto-locks when shut completely.
  • Our property locations are in safe areas, close to the airport and populated with lots of trees, where our clients feel comfortable walking around.
  • We maintain all fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors so they are in working order.
  • Our properties’ lawn and pest control are maintained and serviced regularly.
  • We created a parking map to provide you with best places to park, and so that your vehicle isn’t towed!
  • We communicate important announcements and reminders via Remind, our client notification system.
  • Our cleaning professional provides a deep clean every week, and once a month she cleans and clears out everything in the refrigerators (keeping you safe from mold and all that is attracted by dirt and grime).

We are proud to use the newest technology to improve our client experience! Our door is equipped with the August smart door lock, and it is easy to set up from anywhere! Learn more about our virtual key process at the following blog post! https://dallascrashpad.com/2019/05/10/your-virtual-key/

No worries! Just let us know within 24 hours of your arrival and we will refund your rent and deposit. We detailed our 24 Hour Happiness Guarantee in the following article: https://dallascrashpad.com/2018/10/04/24-hour-guarantee/

Yes, this is possible when there is availability. To start the process simply apply and then make the application processing fee payment. Make sure to list two references on your application and email a copy or scan of your crew badge to [email protected] for safety and security.

To receive your deposit refund, just let us know 30 days prior to vacating by completing the short online notice form at https://dallascrashpad.com/notice ! On the day you vacate please touch base with Tara and she will get that processed for you!

If you’re looking for a crashpad at another base, we recommend checking out https://crashpadcorner.com to view listings available. Crashpad Corner is a flight crew crashpad (and roommate) network that is always free!

We value transparency, professionalism and clear expectations! We have made the process remote and easy! See our complete and detailed application process at the following page:


Our mission is assisting our fellow airline crew however we can! Following are some articles and guides we wrote specifically for new flight attendants and new commuters like yourself! Please share these resources with your classmates too!

What to Look For in a Crashpad:

DFW Airport Transportaion Guide:

Hot Beds vs. Cold Beds:

What is a Crashpad?:

Commuter Crew Packing List:

8 Essential Commuter Flight Crew Apps:

Makeover Your Crashpad Bed:

There is a lot to do just within walking distance from our crashpad properties! Below are some of our favorite local finds:

Empa Mundo – Argentian Empanadas
Mr. Max – Japanese Bar and Ramen
Vito’s Italian Restaurant – Pizza and Calzones
Latina Market – El Salvadorian Restaurant
Tommy’s BBQ – Texas Bar-B-Que
Yogurt Zone – Frozen Yogurt
Northwest Park – Park, walking trail, lake, ducks & splash pad
Fred The Tailor – For any of your tailoring needs!

If you venture into downtown Dallas you’ll find the John F. Kennedy Museum and assassination spot, Reunion Tower, Museum of Science, Aquarium, uptown and lower Greenville have the best nightspots, and it’s not hard to find lots of great food no matter what part of DFW you find wander to! Fort Worth is known for its stockyards and Western Cowboy feel, but is also home to Kimball Museum, Botanical Gardens and Billy Bob’s live music venue. Finally, if you head just 20 minutes north, you can relax by Grapevine Lake (Big Daddy’s Marina is great!)!

Yes, we do! We love paying you out and we love getting awesome new clients!


We assign bottom bunk beds according to seniority (based on your crashpad start date) to those who request them! To keep the process simple and stay organized we have a short Bed Reassignment Request form for our clients. Clients may complete the form once they have stayed at the crashpad for at least 24 hours and have become more familiar with the crashpad property. The link to our bed change request form is located below.