A private space for you!

Over the last 5+ years of managing crew properties, we’ve noticed a demand for private rooms for commuting and full-time flight crew without the long-term commitment. As our mission is to provide a comfortable and safe space for airline professionals, we have decided to offer this unique opportunity.

To accommodate those needs, all of our private rooms are affordable, secure and fully furnished without a long-term commitment. We‘ve made the application and onboarding process easy and convenient, using the latest technology. Our online payment & invoicing system, as well as our client dashboard, make everything accessible from your smartphone, wherever you may be! We take it a step further by providing a maintenance notification system as well, ensuring every issue is addressed in a prompt manner.

We guarantee you the following amenities:

  • Furnished bedroom
  • Wifi
  • Bedroom lock
  • Storage space
  • Easy payment processing
  • 3 month long contracts
  • Convenient onboarding process

Apply to reserve your private room now!

For homeowners with a spare bedroom!

We understand the airline lifestyle, which is why we are partnering up to co-host with local crew houses! If you are a homeowner looking to make some additional cash with an empty room, please get in touch with us! You could be renting your bedroom out to the airline community without any hassle of the work! We’ve got you covered.